Episode-by-episode Q&A, taken entirely from 境界線上のホライゾン まとめウィキ

Episode 1 - Those Lined Up Before the Horizon

Q: What the heck were the teacher and the glasses-guy talking about?
A: You can just check a summary of the story to get the gist of it. Or wait for episode 2, that should probably help some.

Q: What was that opening scene about?
A: That’s probably when the Harmonic Divine States (a copy of Japan existing in a parallel universe) crashed onto the Divine States.

Q: So like, there’s this slime and this incubus and this Indian dude with a giant plate of curry…
A: They’re just classmates. Really. Let’s just say that’s how it is.

Q: I think I saw two moons. Or am I just seeing things?
A: When humanity first went to space, some stuff happened and they made another moon, it seems.

Q: What’s an “Urban Name” (アーバンネーム)?
A: Written in Japanese “字名” and read as such. It’s a term coined by the author, and literally means “City-Name”. It’s a nickname, basically.

Q: What’d Shirojiro sell back there?
A: Based on what was written, it seems like an ability that splits a single attack into 30 separate shots.

Q: When they were running across that rope-like thing, why was there some weird red glow underneath?
A: All of the ships are connected together by those thick ropes; there is actually an invisible gravity platform. You can walk on it normally, but it’s still pretty scary.

Q: When the three close-combat fighters attacked the teacher she dodged the attacks, but even though she was totally defenseless, why did that ninja guy just go “How regretful” and give up?
A: Since she’s just way too fast. The only reason why they were able to catch up was because Margot’s sniping was able to slow her down - they wouldn’t be able to catch up to her again. And even if they did try, Tenzou was busy parrying her, Ulquiaga was taken down, and Noriki just struck; they weren’t in any condition to try again.

Q: That archer person said some stuff, but I totally couldn’t catch that.
A: Basically, those are offerings called “Substitute Offerings.” These offerings are for pleasing the gods. In this episode, she offered:

  • The Five Sacred Grains for lunch and dinner
  • Doing the Kagura Dance for two hours
  • A stroll + chat with the Mouse used by the gods

Announcing these 4 offerings allowed her to make use of the 4 abilities. Note that you are required to make any and all offerings that you announce.

Q: So what about when she said “My after-dinner ice cream…”
A: She was just going to buy herself ice cream if her shot hit.

Q: How come just brushing past the teacher’s hair caused the arrow to lose its inertia?
A: Well, in the first place, the arrow’s momentum came more from the abilities activated, rather than the physical force exerted by the bow. Also, this world’s laws of physics aren’t quite the same as ours, so it’s best not to make that a point of comparison.

Q: So like Musashi-san (the automated doll) had all these brooms moving around her without anyone even touching them. What’s up with that?
A: In this world, automated dolls have gravity manipulation abilities as a basic functionality.

Q: What’s “Schwarz Fräulein” and “Weiß Fräulein”?
A: “Lady Black” and “Lady White”. In simple terms, it’s their super brooms used for combat. Sorta something like .the mecha-like broom from Night Wizard (see this).

* - Fräulein could also be Frauen, but that’s plural, so it doesn’t make as much sense.

Q: What was that weird German-sounding thing Margot said?
A: “Herrlich,” which is German for “wonderful.” It’s like an invocation key for magic, which has a nuance of “The ability came out awesome, booyah!”.

Q: So that Yakuza had his ass kicked. When the teacher moved over to the other side and whacked him in the head to amplify the concussion’s effect, it looks like it all happened so fast that it was kind of useless. Did it really really have any effect?
A: It’s not really for amplifying the effect, but as a finishing blow. Quoting from an explanation in the novel:

Archdevils’ bodies have a lot of special nerves that sorta serve as assistant brains to help support their movement. They recover really fast, so make sure you smack ‘em real hard with a finishing blow alright?

Q: Who was that on the “Nuruhachi!” box?
A: That’s Nuruhachi*, the first emperor of Qing (well strictly speaking, the one who succeeded the name). She’s also the one who showed up in that scene before the OP; you’ll want to look through volume 3 for more details.

*written in Katakana, rather than the Hiragana on the box

Q: I totally don’t get what the main character was talking about with him confessing to some Horizon who’s 10 years dead.
A: You’ll get it later, so just don’t mind it.

Q: What the hell’s up with that light!? Lemme see dem oppai nomnomings!
A: That was an Amaterasu class Optical Ability “God Flash” (not really). Let’s just wait warmly until the BD’s are out.


References (for those who’ve read the novel; kinda hard-level)

・OP: Raigeki Kokan Sho (雷撃股間書; I refuse to translate this cause it just sounds so bad)
The headlines on the cover of the magazine are “Behind the East Adzuchi Castle Screens”, “The Era of Real-life”, “Special Collection of Silver-haired Characters”
The character on the back cover is “Playboy” from “OO”, one of the author’s other works
It’s believed to be the same magazine that Toori was reading in volume 1, latter half, p. 129

It’s still not known whether it means R-18 or R-15.

・The logo on Oriotorai’s sword’s scabbard
The “IZUMO” on the sword is the name of the industrial union. You can tell if it’s from IZUMO since their naming sense is a little screwed up. It’s still not known if it has any relation with the Izumo Company from Owari no Chronicle.

・The attendance sheet
It seems that the names are in the modern A-I-U-E-O kana table order, rather than the traditional Iroha order.

・The shop beside the Blue Thunder
Mind you, it’s “Wholesale Dry Goods”, not “Wholesale X-rated Goods”.

・The sign frames around town
They display the weather all over Japan, and some graph-like things (confirmed).

Episode 2 - Innocents at the Table

Q: So is Masazumi a chick or a dude?
A: She’s a girl. No chest mass, and nothing down there.

Q: What the heck is that black kelp ball thing?
A: It’s a brown algea (Papenfussiella kuromo) ball. It lives by eating the “impurities” in the Musashi’s sewage treatment areas. It’s quite cute, but it smells like sewage; cognizant of this, it tries not to show itself in front of other people, accepting that it’s for the better.

Q: Why did P-01s start singing all of a sudden?
A: Not a clue. Even the original work had her singing out of the blue at such weird timing. The author’s previous works also had many occurences where a key song was suddenly sung.

Q: What are the “Lost Nobles” incidents?
A: As they said, it was a kind of spiriting away. The novel doesn’t really get into the particulars of it, but the differences are as follows:

  • Normal Spiriting Away: Even if one were spirited away, you could easily be found by the use of an ability
  • Lost Nobles: Those spirited away cannot be found; a strange mark is left at the scene

Well, just think of it as kinda like a super-spiriting away sorta thing.

Q: Why did the (K.P.A.) Italians come to Mikawa?
A: Something on the lines of “We’re having some domestic issues so give us another Armament of Deadly Sins!”

Q: Man, is Azuma-kyun a trap or what!
A: There’s no way a girl could be this cute.

Please refer to the official site’s glossary for explanations of these terms:

  • Provisional Counsilor
  • Automated Doll
  • Remorse Way
  • Harmonic Unification War
  • Harmonic Territories
  • Phenomena
  • Lost Nobles
  • K.P.A. Italia
  • Armament of Deadly Sins
  • Seven Deadly Sins
  • Eight Concepts


References (kinda hard-level)

・The sign frames from the opening scene

  • Weather forecasts

It seems that each of the eight ships has its own weather forecast. It may be that the Musashi has weather other than “Sunny” even though it’s above cloud cover <unconfirmed; requesting source>

  • News

"Sale of Kougawa Communications’ latest Playback Machine pushed back, a new-" (the rest is cut off)
“Satoshi Steel continues to be on the rise 3 days in a row; increase in sales is now predicted to be 11%”

・Classroom of Chaos - Seat plan

A simple room with a window and a chancellor in an eroge-like seating arrangement.

・Nuruhachi! Survey Postcard

〒3107-00024 Far East, Musashi, Okutama, Musashi Ariadust Academy

…Man, this chancellor, sending an eroge survey using the Academy’s address.

・Class Schedule

By the way, April 20, 1648 is a Monday.

・List of people who weren’t paying attention:

  • Toori: Filling up an eroge survey
  • Shirojiro: Checking up on business deals
  • Margot&Malga: Doing manga storyboards (a “name/ネーム”)
  • Neshinbara: Doing a manuscript
  • Hassan: Looking up curry recipes

…You guys are okay with this?

・The sweet that Ohiroshiki was eating
A roll? (it looks like a Manma Ka*l)

・Masazumi’s Mother
Honestly, even if she inherited all her oppais from her mom, there still isn’t any boing-boing *cough cough*

Episode 3 - Commandos in Town

Q: What did they mean by “The Master of Remorse Way”?
A: The Master of Remorse Way is the origin of the name “Remorse Way.” It’s a play on words with “Toori” and “way/path”; Aoi Toori’s Remorse → Koukai Toori ⇒ Koukai Doori → Remorse Way. The explanation in the novel is that his regret is that of losing a childhood friend in front of his very eyes.

Q: Why was Toori passing through Remorse Way? (with a pale face)
A: Though the anime made it look as if he came to help Masazumi save face since she was troubled whether or not to give the package to Konishi, this isn’t quite the case. Rather, it’s because he was able to resolve himself once he heard P-01s’s singing.

Q: What was that about the guard standing up?
A: The student on guard who was watching seemed to have seen something else standing up, and mistook that for the guard that he was communicating with.

Q: What the hell was that weird green-haired thing at the end?
A: Those were dakimakura covers of Magical (Celtic) Girl Bean Sidhe [Banshee]. It’s the kind of anime where she rips the heads off her enemies and loves sacrifices. Yeah.
<those who are highly observant or have a good ear probably already know who the culprits inside are, but please just pretend you never noticed>

Q: What was that about “New values”?
A: It’s not really well-understood, even in the original work. One popular interpretation is that it’s the “value” of the feeling of attacking girls in the middle of the night at school in a weird outfit.

Q: About that thing beside Konishi in the carriage…
A: As implied in his dialogue, he also deals with anime and eroge goods as a businessman. Thus, it’s nothing out of the ordinary that he has something like that with him. Yeah. Let’s just leave it at that.

<Q: Wait, so that means that the guy inside the cover was Masazumi’s->
<A: What a great dad, helping out at his daughter’s friend’s test of courage! Yup!>

Please refer to the official site’s glossary for explanations of these terms:

  • The Four Divine Matsudaira Kings
  • Tres España
  • Gods of War
  • Oda
  • Song of Passage
  • Weighted Atmosphere
  • Provisional Council
  • Student Contention
  • Peerless Man of the East
  • Peerless Man of the West
  • Pope-Chancellor
  • Mechanic Shell



  • Niello Trade (alt. Eisengeschäft)
  • Yotsubishi Real Estate
  • Satoshi Steel
  • Tokiwa Publishing
  • Western Cuisine - Kitchen Suzumura
  • Murashita Wheelbarrows
  • Dress Shop Rosemary
  • Kitamura Sake Brewery - Refined Sake - “Tama no Sato” (hometown of beads)

These are the names that we could make out from some screencaps in a thread.
It has been confirmed that “Tama no Sato” is the name of the bottle of sake that Makiko-sensei was carrying.
There’s a possibility that Niello Trade (黒金屋) is a branch of the M.H.R.R. corporation Eisenritter (黒金侍).

That’s not a guitar, but a biwa (Japanese lute).
The other side of the poster is against the wall.

・This week’s IZUMO appearances
Confirmed appearances: Asama’s house’s clock, Naomasa’s spanner wrench, Kimi’s comb

・Toori’s package

Climax! Virgin Queen Elizabeth First Press Edition

There’s a label for the educational program, “The Working-Grade Man,” stuck on to camouflage the actual product, but it ended up being totally useless.
The sender, “Lightning Shop,” may refer to “Dengeki Shop”?
The phone number is the “Divine Contact Number”; the text on top of the box reads “Please write with a cork pen* within the lines.”

*not quite sure what “コークスぺン” translates to - any help?

・The book on top of Miriam’s desk
Has a totally white, blank cover
It’s said that Miriam is a Catholic, so perhaps that’s a copy of its Testament?

・Regarding the Lost Nobles incidents
A summary:

  • Victims completely vanish without a trace
  • A “Nikyou crest” (two-boundary crest) is left behind
  • Those considered “Nobles” are suspected to be string-pullers working behind the scenes
  • The first of these incidents began around 30 years ago
  • Majority of these incidents have happened at the capital, Mikawa

More or less, this is what’s been written in the novel as well.
I guess this is sorta like Wikipedia with all the changelogs huh?

・About the mummy and skeletons
They are residents of the Musashi helping Toori with his test of courage out of goodwill. There were no phenomena involved… Well, there shouldn’t have been any.
Mummy: Mishira III; he runs “Dried”, a dried foods eatery
Skeletons: the Shader couple; they work at a stationery store.


Episode 4 - Covert Ops Under the Night Sky

Q: Whaaaaaaaat, no Ii Naomasa!?
A: He was already spirited away in a Lost Nobles incident long before the actual novel’s events. Zannen desu ne.

Q: Mikawa’s architecture looks pretty modern to me, even though it’s the 1600s.
A: Rebuilding modern structures is part of the environment gods’ plan for earth reconstruction. The reproduction is very high quality due to the automated dolls’ constant maintenance, though for obvious reasons, no electricity is running through them. By the way, this is different from the 200 meter-tall buildings surrounding New Nagoya Castle.
<the details may be somewhat different; requesting source>

Q: What did those Gods of War say?
A: “Tes.”, an abbreviation of “Testament”, which means holy scriptures, and an agreement to a contract. For countries within the Testament Union (primarily Christian nations), it means “Roger”, or an affirmative response. It’s used the same way Jud. is.

Please refer to the official site’s glossary for explanations of these terms:

  • Mikawa Guard
  • Aki
  • Noble
  • Nikyou Crest
  • Genesis Project
  • Slicing Dragonfly
  • Divine Weapon
  • New Nagoya Castle
  • Platonic Plate Reactor
  • Fluid
  • Atell



・Powerful Eagle (El Azul)
The design uses a crucifix motif; it’s very Tres España-like.
Divine Contact is not done through placing the hand to the ear, but rather, it seems to be united with the pilot’s senses.

・The area in the central unification reactor
According to Twitter, the Nagoya City Hall was used as a model. It definitely does look very similar to the city hall, based on Wikipedia. They also thought of having more complicated rotating lights in the direction, but it was too hard so it was turned down. Zannen desu ne.

・Zaragoza Alicante
In the real world, these are names of places in Spain. However in the Musashi’s case, perhaps they were able to succeed the names?

Episode 5 - Graduates Under the Moon

Q: Who the hell is García de Ceballos!? I googled him any I can’t find anything but Horizon stuff!
A: He’s a famous person related to the Spanish post… Or so it seems. People who’ve looked him up in the Spanish Wikipedia say he’s just some minor guy who got a one-liner. Basically he’s in the very first part of the postal system’s history.
Post-episode 8, the author tweeted this:

By the way, García-san is a well-known person in the Ceballos region. He’s from the family that handled the privatization of the postal system, so he’s quite the significant historical figure.

Why the hell does the author know such stupidly minor trivia?

Q: Can’t you just mass-produce Kazunos?
A: Based on what Tadakatsu said from episodes 4 and 5, Kazuno’s fighting ability comes from his late wife’s own abilities that were reproduced through Kazuno. Since the soul is the source of ability, Kazuno is just a one-off.

Q: When Lord Motonobu said something about the eight concepts being nine but they removed jealousy or something… WTF was that about?
A: “Hey! There are eight Armaments of Deadly Sins! But actually, I made a secret ninth one, ‘Jealousy’! Now you gotta catch ‘em all and avert the apocalypse!”
I think that’s more or less a good enough understanding of it.

Q: I kind of don’t get that part about Tadatsugu “cutting” the north and suddenly shifting in place.
A: He cut the north area in two = the existence of half of the space that put him in striking distance of Muneshige was severed = the loss of space pulled him towards the area that he cut [it’s sort of like he created a vacuum in the space he cut, which pulled him toward the area he cut]. Here is a diagram:

Q: What does it mean they mentioned something about a prototype?
A: Well to make things simple, the Slicing Dragonfly was created as a prototype of the Lypē Katathlipsē / Sorrowful Lamentation. Hence, the effects of one of their abilities (“slicing”) are the same.

Q: Is accelerating in midair really that bad for the body?
A: Yup. Totally. By accelerating (for example, 17,000 times) in midair, this also means all recoil and backlash is multiplied by that much (again, say, 17,000 times). And because this all happens so fast, the speed at which it affects you is such practically instant. When Muneshige did that acceleration in the episode, he practically killed his right leg [note when Gin treats his right calf later in episode 6].

Q: Why’d Dacchan slice Kazuno along with the bullet?
A: The firing trajectory of the Lypē Katathlipsē was already set [when Muneshige fired it into the reactor], so Tadakatsu can’t slice it. Therefore, Kazuno, who is definitely sliceable, was thrown into the air to catch the shot. Once she gets hit, Tadakatsu slices her along with the shot, and kaboom!

Q: What did P-01s mean when she said something about following that book? (Instructors Records) [that green book she had on her]
A: She basically meant to follow what an “instructor” that did something way way way way worse. Which means HARAKIRI.

Q: Man, why does P-01s have to get captured and kill herself!
A: Far East is under disarmament = You can’t get no weapons of mass destruction ‘kay? And since the ADSs are WMDs, you better give us them Armaments of Deadly Sins!

Q: Wouldn’t it all just work out if everyone worked together and combined their Armaments of Deadly Sins?
A: Since the country with the greatest military power with the most powerful Armaments of Deadly Sins means that they are the ones who save the world from the apocalypse, that puts them in a good position against the other countries, so no sane country’s just gonna go “Oh sure, take ‘em~”.

Q: Is Gin-san an automated doll?
A: She’s curt and practically emotionless, but she’s a human. The mecha-like parts of her are the prosthetic arms.

Q: Why’d Masazumi kick the idiot in the face?
A: Because at that rate, if he kept talking, he probably would’ve gotten killed. She kicked him in the face to shut him up. Also, a stupid, incompetent, completely useless leader of a country trying to fight the Testament Union would probably be pretty bad.

Q: Why’d Honda Tadakatsu have to die?
A: In the original work, he was actually badly injured; a large portion of his leg was scraped off, and when Gin showed up to help, it wasn’t possible for her to shelter both Muneshige and Tadakatsu, so he was left behind. Since it’s been said that Tadakatsu has never had an injury on the battlefield, it may be that the part about the injury was altered in the adaptation.

Q: What was with Kazuno at the end?
A: If you notice, she didn’t have the horn-shaped things on her head, so she’s Tadakatsu’s late wife. When Tadakatsu said that she was still too early, that was because he was still alive in this world.

Q: So what’s next!
A: Our hero is off
   To confess to our heroine
   Who is to be executed

Please refer to the official site’s glossary for explanations of these terms:

  • El Azul
  • García de Ceballos
  • Strike Forcer
  • The Eight Great Dragon Kings
  • Lypē Katathlipsē  / Λύπη Κατάθλιψη (Sorrowful Lamentation)
  • Weighted Atmosphere
  • Super-drive Level
  • Normal Drive Level
  • Central Unification Reactor
  • Evagrius
  • Olos Phtonos / Όλος Φωτονός (Environ of Affection)
  • Advanced drive Level
  • Tachibana Dousetsu



・Stores in Mikawa
People who can verify, please leave a note:

  • KARAOKE JOE JOE = Karaoke JoyJ*y?
  • NOSBAGER = the sign is just like M*s Burger… Why isn’t it Mosa (valor) Burger instead?
  • Carwash = no particular reference? (right behind Slicing Dragonfly)
  • Layla = reference is likely Lake? (behind Tadatsugu during his explanation of Slicing Dragonfly)

・The signs at Muneshige’s feet
Remember these? They’re the same Abilities used by Adelle in episode 1. The thing on Muneshige’s back is a cartridge, loaded with tens of thousands of written contract Abilities.

・That… thing behind Lord Motonobu
According to a discussion thread, it’s related to the Nebuta (a nighttime festival), but that’s not in Mikawa, but in Aomori. Lord Motonobu was used as the model; it’s surprisingly accurate, but he looks serious compared to the actual person. On the back, there’s a flag with “Under the sky-” written (the rest is covered [though it could be something like “Tenka Fubu”?]).

・Noriki’s Ability
On the fist: “SUWA” “Normal”
On the arm: “Confirmed - Creation Ability ‘Yayoi-dzuki’*: Invocation”
By the way, before he got sucker-punched, did you notice that he struck the K.P.A. Italian twice?

*Yayoi-dzuki is another word for March (the month)

A restaurant specializing in dried foods, run by Mishira III (the mummy that smashed Nenji in episode 4). He’s the guy on the left of the K.P.A. Italian commander right after he tossed Noriki off.

・”As punishment, stand there with an automated doll hanging from your neck.”
Even though it’s a serious scene, they still get joke lines; how very Kawakami.

Episode 6 - Advocate at the Confession Grounds

Q: What happened between Sakai and the Pope 20 years ago?
A: The Pope tried to make a big move with Catholicism on the Musashi, but Sakai and the others (still students back then) defended against that. It’s believed that the “things lost” refers to the 15-year recession in K.P.A. Italia that occurred because of their loss; they also weren’t able to establish a very good foothold in other countries because of this loss.

Q: The thoughts of Futayo and Muneshige in the scene where they returned the Slicing Dragonfly
A: Futayo⇒ I’ll do something cool so I can show that we still have some fight left in us! De gozaru.
Muneshige⇒ Sorry, but I’m awesomer than you. Just give it up.
That’s kind of how it was like.

Q: Why did they end up wanting to vote Masazumi out of office?
A: It’s pretty complicated, so this is gonna be pretty long.
In the Musashi, the current opinions are:
Class 3-Plum: “I want to go and rescue Horizon.”
Provisional Council: “We shouldn’t escalate the situation any further.”
This is the current situation, with split opinions; this needs to be resolved. However, in order to do that, a student assembly needs to be held (since students are representative of a country, this is equal to a gathering of congress). The only with any power to do that is Masazumi [since everyone else was stripped of their position].
If in the case that there is no one with the authority to hold a student assembly (i.e. both student council and chancellor union are unable), then according to the School Regulations, a special student assembly can be held. However, because Masazumi is still in power, that can’t be put into effect. There is just one case where a special student assembly can be held, which is if they want to vote someone currently in office, out of office [e.g. a vote of no confidence]. That’s exactly what they are planning to do.
To put it simply, they’re threatening Masazumi like this: “Hey Seijun, get over here or we’re gonna kick you out of office!”
And the possible outcomes:

  • Masazumi responds = Hold an official student assembly and choose to rescue Horizon
  • Masazumi doesn’t = Masazumi is voted out of office; since there’s no one else in office, a special student assembly can be held, and they also choose to rescue Horizon

So whatever happens, they still end up with the same result.

Q: No God Flash this time?
A: Just rumors, but they say that “Suzu’s a dude!” and “He’s just nomnomin’ dem”. Just rumors though.

Please refer to the official site’s glossary for explanations of these terms:

  • Padua Academy
  • Chancellor Union
  • P.A. ODA
  • Heliocentric/Copernican Theory
  • Engineering Club Meeting
  • Nobles’ Meeting



Stuff on Ohiroshiki’s Sign frames (X = can’t make out the rest of the digits)
Population: 942XX (as of 4/21)
Food Reserves: 1435XXX Monme/Mace [1 monme = approx 3.75g, so that’s about 5.4 metric tons]
Self-sufficiency Ratio, production base: 9.4%
Self-sufficiency Ratio, calorie base: 8.2%

Youth/Vitality Worship
Being a lolicon = crime; being one who worships life = sacred.
10 and up = old women. Lolis that are old = do not want.
…Yeah, can we just arrest this guy already?

Asama’s Essay
Pretty tl;dr:
(taken from Icy, Animesuki Forums)

What I Want to be Done

Third Year Plum Class: Asama Tomo

•Synopsis (without honorifics)

Toori is a breast man. He resolved to definitely fondle the fully erotic Horizon breasts. Toori doesn’t understand politics. Toori is the Chancellor and Student Council President. Stripping off his clothes, he loves spending time on eroge. But still, when it comes to breasts, as an Otaku, he was very PLEASURED. Today, at an unspecified time, Toori set off from his house, going to Tama, he should have went to the Blue Thunder, which is rather far away. Toori is living with an 18-year old, weird…yes, weird sister. This sister is, well, not important. No, well, she isn’t good, though.

Anyways, the time of confession had drawn near. Because of that, to consult with the method and techniques of confessing, he held a meeting on top of the bridge. First, he asked about the ninja’s past failiures, and then he fondled the knight’s breasts and was blown away. Eeh, blown away.
Toori had a childhood friend. It was Tenzou.

Already, her Eros is running at full steam; transcending space and time, the language of textbooks of Fantasizasia is in this very essay! [this guy is off his rocker]
By the way, Sir Kawakami said she “got into serious mode after two or three sheets.” Just how much worse does it get?

The kanji written looks like “阿吽阿吽” (aum aum). 680 Yen.
The girl on the cover looks like Diana Zoneburke* from the author’s previous work, Owari no Chronicle.
"This person is the example!" but stuff like using this as a reference using age extension abilities for looking and dressing young is also written, and that’s- (the editor was cut off)

・Feature on Silver-haired Characters
This is also written in a small corner on the magazine (Dengeki Kokan Sho) that Tenzou and the others in the opening were looking at. Toori said he snapped this from the guardhouse, but could it be that the previous owner was…?

・Air Fantasy City
The game featured in the special on silver-haired characters. Since it’s an eroge magazine, it’s probably R-Rated. The girl in the feature is the Alchemist from one of the author’s other works, OBSTACLE OVERTURE, perhaps? The headline reads “An alchemist girl (apprentice) who’s always failing, but always upbeat!” On the lower-right is the same girl in nothing but erotic clothing it seems(the golden-haired girl is the Gambler, also from the same work).
Just a quick side-note: the title “Air Fantasy City” bears a striking resemblance to the author’s earlier work, “Aerial City”. Perhaps it’s a self-parody?

・”100,027 Years Old”
A reference to Dem*n Kakka?

Episode 7 - Musashi’s Knights

Q: That talk about money, in English please.
A: [tried to make this as understandable as possible]

  • Pretty much all the nations in the Testament Union are Christian, and in this time period, banks and the business model of “interest” (as in, making money from lending money) are not permitted by religion. Since that’s the case, the Far East, which isn’t Christian (primarily Shinto), has the job of dealing with banks and stuff.
  • In short, other countries have taken a LOT of loans from the Far East.
  • With that, if the Far East gets completely taken over, all the debts will default and get thrown out the window, and the Far East ends up being the footstool of every other country. Of course, the Far Easterners will go all “You ain’t gettin’ away with that!” and try to call in their debts, but the Testament Union will just go “We’re not gonna let terrorists who blew up Mikawa get any money!” and just freeze all their assets.
  • On the other hand, the Musashi is an independent territory, so the financial systems still stay as-is. Because of that, all the foreign settlements send in money to the Musashi as External Energy (like MP, but it’s tradeable), and the Musashi ends up functioning like a pseudo-bank (just think of them converting money to stock certificates).
  • Basically, the Musashi is the greatest reserve of Fuel and Money, wahaha! (←merchants).

Q: The power of money is supah awesome, but I totally have no idea how it worked!
A: Something like:

Cheapass: I’ll pay money, so could you go and ask the God of Labor to lend me the power of the guard?
SANCT: Sure, sure, I’ll be yer middleman thinger.
Cheapass: Hey, I need 150 of you guys to give me your power.
That’s kinda how it was like.

By the way, that’s about 1,500,000 Yen per hour.

Q: More details on the Shinto Abilities please.
A: One part of these is asking a god you are contracted with to be an intermediary to use abilities from gods that you aren’t contracted with. Then you can just make offerings to your own god (like the previous question↑ where Shirojiro paid money to borrow power from the God of Labor). So that means that if there’s something you’re good at, and it works as an offering, then you can do whatever the hell you want since you can just borrow other gods’ powers.

Q: What was that Arjun-something-or-other? Details onegai.
A: It’s “Argent Lupus” [I think it’s more of Argenté Loup]; translated literally, it’s “Silver Wolf” - Nate’s nickname, or something like that.

Q: Why did Nate try to make herself lose desu ka?
A: First, remember these two principles:

  • Knights are allowed arms to protect the citizens of Musashi.
  • Knights are higher than common citizens.

If a knight loses to a common citizen, they aren’t all that great anymore, and lose their social status. Furthermore, if they lose their status as knights, then they won’t be allowed to be armed. And if the knights, professionals at combat, aren’t armed, then they lose their combat effectiveness.
And in effect, the Musashi, having lost much of its combat strength, has no other choice but to capitulate and give into the Testament Union’s demands.
The original novel does have a slightly more complicated reason, however.
You could say that the nobles being forced out of their status is something like a civil revolution. Awfully anachronistic, but you could compare it to the French Revolution.
Once other nations find out about what happened, they certainly will think to themselves that the citizenry of the Musashi are no small trifle, especially when the other nations will try to seize control of the Musashi. Furthermore, if they make a wrong move, they won’t be able to say something like “The guys who do them revolutions are the people of the country, so hurry up with that history recreatin’!” Such a civil revolution could be the trigger that ushers in democracy, which is highly anachronistic for the middle-age, feudalistic governments - a full 180 of the current situation. Furthermore, in the middle of the rush of revolts, the (former) Musashi citizens would have a high chance of getting in a pretty good position.
Basically, while this doesn’t help to avoid the transfer of control of the Musashi, the situation of the former citizens of the Musashi wouldn’t be as bad.

But this method isn’t going to save Horizon.

Q: Man, did Toori just flip out and lose his mind! Wut! [regarding his side of debate]
A: Uh, let’s just wait ‘til the next episode! Trust me!

Please refer to the official site’s glossary for explanations of these terms:

  • Crown Prince
  • Secularization
  • Kyoto/The Capital
  • The Emperor
  • Confrontation/Duel
  • Jizurisuzaku
  • Mouse
  • Substitute Offering
  • Blessing
  • External Energy
  • Poker Face
  • Feudal Knight



・MAN-YOU: Metal-style Traditional Songs For Begginers
It’s obviously Kra*ser with a Japanese court official hat, thank you very much. Also, note that the kanji on his forehead says “Destroy”, not “Kill”.

・The loli and shota in the Nobles’ Meeting
In the novel, there was mention of knights entering the high school level 5 years after Nate is expected to graduate. Perhaps it’s some sort of foreshadowing?

Episode 8 - Ruler of the Land

Q: Could you run everything by me again?
A: (oh boy)

This is gonna get real long, and there are spoilers, so be warned.

  • Toori, having taken the anti-save-Horizon side, asks Masazumi, on the pro-save-Horizon side, as to how they can save Horizon.
  • Masazumi truly wants to save Horizon (hence, the cheat sheet she prepared in advance), but can’t because she also has to consider her position as an aspiring politician. However, her position in the debate also means she must explain how to save Horizon.
  • Toori asks Masazumi with her own father’s question, while the debate is being broadcast to other countries, “Is there a just reason for saving Horizon?” As Masazumi worries about whether to answer or not, Adele and the Brown Algae show up.
  • The algae ask Masazumi to save Horizon; she hears out the algae and makes up her mind. In here, she makes it look like she’s still talking to Toori, but is actually directing her arguments towards the other viewers of the debate - that Horizon’s compulsory suicide is a misuse - a perversion - of History Recreation.
  • The Pope-Chancellor, thinking that it’ll turn into a bit of a pinch, steps in. He uses tactics where they concede that they are in totally parallel lines of thought, and cannot ever resolve their views through discussion. By simply denying and dismissing the others’ opinions, he simply needs to wait until the opponent (Masazumi) runs out of arguments and concedes.
  • Masazumi takes his strategy and flips it back at him - “The Musashi may be taking hostile action, but you yourself have said that we can discuss it over, right?
  • Innocentius flips it back at her - “We don’t wish for such hostile action. Isn’t that a parallel line of thought that we cannot agree on?” Furthermore, he brings up her failed attempt at succeeding a name and reveals that she lost her bosom due to gender reassignment surgery. Adding to this, he gives the impression that Masazumi is hiding the fact that she’s female, and is trying to seize power, as retaliation for her failure to succeed a name. Masazumi is cornered by this attack.
  • The idiot declares his absolute trust in and support for Masazumi; she recovers. [also, dat scene nomnomnom]
  • She makes two bold arguments for saving Horizon: “We are gathering the Armaments of Deadly Sins, without asking for recompense, to avoid the Apocalypse”, and “In the first place, the Armaments of Deadly Sins are the emotions of Horizon, a citizen of the Musashi, and therefore, rightfully hers.”
  • The Pope-Chancellor slips Galileo into the Academy; Ukky and Noriki get their asses handed to them again; A Futayo appears! To be continued!

Q: Can’t Masazumi just insist on being the side that opposed rescuing Horizon?
A: They swore to the gods that they would do a debate, fair and square. Breaking the rules now would incur punishment. …I mean, you did see that Amazon swinging her sword around right? So that’s that.

Q: What’ll happen if they just followed the Testament Union and had Horizon kill herself?
A: Toori dies of sadness.
…Jokes aside [?] if they let her commit suicide:

  • The Far East, having lost its leader, will be completely taken over.
  • All loans to other countries default; the domestic economy collapses.
  • They end up being sent right to the front lines fighting against P.A. ODA, currently in partial secession from the Testament Union.☆
  • Industrial secrets regarding floating ships and related abilities will be leaked to every country. ☆
  • The Far East, and all other factions related to Tokugawa, will have their history recreated by persons convenient for the Testament Union; in doing so, the Far East will lose even more significance.

☆ - Points that the anime didn’t tackle

Q: Boy, you guys are taking your dear sweet time talking it over huh! Why don’t we just get up and save Horizon!
A: Well, on the other hand, if they do it without any just cause [like a whole lot of other anime], this is what will happen:

  • They go against international laws, and in doing so, the Testament Union will go at the Far East with full force
  • Because most other countries are members of the Testament Union, the Musashi will be put in a trade embargo from other countries; since the Musashi isn’t self-sufficient with regards to food, the resources will eventually dwindle down to nothing and everyone starves to death

So in the end, it’s just the same as losing [although it’s kind of even more pathetic this way].

Q: Isn’t Inny (Innocentius) kind of digressing from the actual argument?
A: Just as he planned. His strategy for the debate was to going to keep on going against his opponent’s arguments, until the opponent says that there has been a breakdown in the debate; once this is acknowledged, he will claim that whoever doesn’t accept a compromise is in the wrong.

Q: Although they mentioned there would be casualties regardless of whether or not they went to war, wouldn’t the casualties be less if they hadn’t gone to war, as opposed to the wartime casualties?
A: In war, the military bears the brunt of the casualties [remember this isn’t the real world!]. However, if they don’t go to war, then they will mainly be from those who die from poverty, or refugees who refuse to change religion. In other words, it’s less about the number of casualties, as opposed to minimizing casualties from noncombatants.

Q: Uh, yeah, I’m kind lost here, so gimme the tl;dr version of what Masazumi said!
A: tl;dr:

  • Horizon didn’t know a damn thing about it all so she doesn’t have to take any responsibility
  • It’s bad to have Armaments of Deadly Sins, but those were Horizon’s emotions in the first place, so they were hers to begin with
  • And if you still have a problem with that, we’re trying to save the freakin’ world for free so just give us a break already

Q: I’ve been thinking about this since episode 5, but isn’t Noriki pretty weaksauce?
A: You know what they say, third time’s the charm!
If you also count the first episode (where he lost to Oriotorai) then blah, whatever.
Archdevils like Galileo and the Yakuza from the first episode have thin carapace at the sides (since they have to twist around and stuff); a hit there really would’ve done some damage, so at least his aim wasn’t off. Hm? “Even if he aimed right at the vitals, it’s all useless if he didn’t do any damage”? Naahhh.

Please refer to the official site’s glossary for explanations of these terms:

  • Itsukushima Shrine
  • Encompassed Yearning
  • School Regulations
  • Embodiment of Lust
  • Ptolemaic Theory



・Toori’s voice mimicry
As expected from such a skilled voice actor; the idea seems to be just an adlib by Fukuyama-san. Some say that when he was mimicing Masanobu, he sounded just like a certain Geass person.

・The sign frames
If you paid attention, you’d notice that each country has a different design.

・What Gin-san was eating
Seems to be popcorn.

・That thing Ulquiaga brought out
This is during the scene where Ukky jumps out and dives at Galileo with his wings open. The thing he brings out that looks like dentist’s pliers is actually a torture device used for the inquisition.

Episode 9 - The Summit’s Flower

Q: Details on the fight between (Futayo) and the ingenious girl (Kimi)?
A: Here ‘ya go:

  • Futayo attacks, but with Kimi’s “Summit Dance”, all attacks are repelled.
  • With the Summit Dance as an offering to the gods, the dancer is unable to be touched except by people she allows. As Kimi continues to get more and more into the dance, she becomes even more untouchable.
  • As Futayo has to break through this, she offers her own movements and attacks to her god, increasing her speed, allowing her to “stand on the same stage”, or have her attacks reach Kimi.
  • Futayo’s attack finally made contact - or so she thought. It was actually part of Kimi’s dance. Caught in her trap, she is unable to answer Kimi back (asking the audience is part of the dance), and she jumps back. This is sort of like how, in a live, the singer asks “Are you excited!” and points the mic to the crowd, and- no reaction.
  • Because Futayo acknowledges that her speed isn’t enough, she uses the range-slicing ability of Slicing Dragonfly. The attack is something that persons cannot dodge.
  • The Slicing Dragonfly cuts “the owner of the name reflected on the blade.” However, it doesn’t affect Kimi, who has a whole bunch of names like Belle Flore and Josephine; names are just like fashion to her, so she isn’t caught by the severing attack [basically, because Kimi “rejects” her name, “Kimi”, Slicing Dragonfly can’t cut the “true” her; as she says, names are just names, and don’t affect her].
  • Futayo, who’s lost her trump card, just stands there, as Kimi unleashes a bombardment of slaps and sermons. Match over.

Q: What’s “the other side” that Asama was talking about?
A: The next world, I guess?

Q: What did it mean when Yoshinao said that if Toori became king, the Musashi would be “freed from its restraints”?
A: Musashi’s head is, as you can see, a moron. When that moron said all sorts of stupid stuff like going against the Testament Union, someone has to be to put a stop to it. And that’s where the Testament Union-dispatched king of Musashi comes in. So if that moron becomes the king, then no one else is stopping him, politically speaking.

Q: What’s the “Westphallen Conference”? (or Peace of Westphalia)
A: It’s a peace conference held in 1648 to deal with the various wars, and the 30-years war. In this conference, the Netherlands and Switzerland were declared independent, and France’s and Sweden’s territories were expanded. On the other hand, the Holy Roman Empire got weakened. It’s more well-known as the Westphalia Conference in textbooks.

Q: What was that thing about being more “hands on” (in active service)?
A: In the Far East, one can only be a student until 18 years old. The adults, unable to participate in the upcoming battles, have already accepted this; however they wish they could’ve been active students. Basically, they thought something like “Man, those guys look like they’re having fun. If we were a little younger, we’d join in too.”

Q: Who were those dog-eared guys that showed up in that cut in the stairs scene?
A: Representatives from other countries who were listening to Toori’s speech. In the novel, they show up around volume 3. Oh, and those aren’t ears - it’s hair. [although the elf-ears are actually ears; those guys are from Qing-Takeda]

Please refer to the official site’s glossary for explanations of these terms:

  • Traditional Dance
  • Westphallen Peace Conference



・The ability sign frames
The writing in the Summit Dance sign frames is a Shinto ritual prayer. “Primary Sequence Activating” is written on the sign frames, possibly because it’s an ability type to continue offerings. On the other hand, the “Soaring Wings” sign frames are independently activated, which may be why they simply have “Activating” on it.

・We’s (Yoshinao’s) Country
It’s a small autonomous country in between Tres España and Hexagone Française. On the crest of arms is a beast [seems to be a lion and a shield]. Based on the plot, it seems to be one of the Basque Countries.

Episode 10 - Trumpeter at the Start Line

Q: A summary of this episode?
A: [here you go~]

  • The enemy has a very strong, fortified formation. But if we can win in a direct assault, we can show our strength to other countries! Breakthrough!
  • Ground forces engage combat.
  • Aerial ships have begun bombardment, so they intercept the attacks + Asama shoots down a ship.
  • A God of War is airdropped to directly attack the Musashi, and is intercepted by the two witches.
  • Having successfully achieved air superiority, the God of War (Jizuri Suzaku) and Nate are successfully launched via the derrick [a crane] directly into the battlefield. To be continued!

Q: What’s that Disintegration Barrier surrounding Horizon in the execution grounds?
A: It’s a scary barrier; if you touch it, it’ll force you to relive your biggest regret, and if you can’t deny it, you die. Because there’s no one who can just wipe his own slate clean, it’s pretty much checkmate for anyone who touches it, lol.

Q: If you could shoot down an entire battleship with a bow, why not just use the other Asama soldiers as support?
A: Asama’s attack is still a “Purification Ritual”, as she is a Shrine Maiden, so using the attack seriously against a person is forbidden.
-Eh? Was it alright for her to sink a ship?
Well, you know, she was just trying to intercept the enemy ship’s projectile, and the shot just *happened* to go into straight into the cannon and caused an explosion… Yeah, it’s not really her fault! (*smack*)

Q: Tswahch? The heck is that?
A: “Tsirhc” (pronounced Tsərk). Basically, its influence is similar to today’s Christianity.
In the space era, gods and stuff existed, and the influence of the former earth’s religions vanished. When they considered what to do about that with regards to History Recreation, they decided to use the Testaments as the replacement for these religions and gods. To differentiate this from the former era’s religions, they flipped the word backwards; or that’s how it went, anyway.

Q: “When you combine a positively charged line with a negatively charged projectile, what do you think will happen?”
A: By the force of magnetic attraction, the negatively charged coin projectiles will accelerate at super-high speeds, homing into the positively charged drawn line.

Q: The two witches seemed to have trouble with a God of War, unlike some other individuals…
A: Kazuno-san and the cheapskate, who were able to go mano-a-mano against a God of War, are just too strong compared to the two. Not to mention that in episode 4, the Gods of War were equipped with anti-air equipment, yet were fighting on land, so Kazuno had the advantage.

Q: They (the Tres Españans) just have one God of War? That’s pretty piddly.
A: Technically speaking, they were just escorts. Originally, there were three of them. Earlier, Kazuno-san smashed up two of them, and there wasn’t enough time to call for reinforcements.

Q: What’s a Derrick? More technojargon?
A: It refers to a derrick crane; it’s a real word.
Taken from Wikipedia [the English Wiki is used here, while the original used the Japanese Wiki]:

A derrick is a lifting device composed of one tower, or guyed mast such as a pole which is hinged freely at the bottom. It is controlled by lines (usually four of them) powered by some means such as man-hauling or motors, so that the pole can move in all four directions. A line runs up it and over its top with a hook on the end, like with a crane. It is commonly used in docks and onboard ships. Some large derricks are mounted on dedicated vessels, and are often known as “floating derricks”.

The device was named for its resemblance to a type of gallows from which a hangman’s noose hangs. The derrick type of gallows in turn got its name from Thomas Derrick, an English executioner from the Elizabethan era.

Q: Are there any casualties?
A: It’s not explicitly stated, but because there are Abilities used and such, it is thought that it doesn’t end in that kind of “death”. In a real war, people die when they are killed. By the way, an emergency cutoff mechanism severed the connection between the pilot and the God of War; it seems his life wasn’t put in danger.

Q: You know, the two girls were pretty defenseless when they did the transformation scene, wasn’t that kind of dumb?
A: You fool! How could you possibly attack magical girls in the middle of their transformation scene! Speaking of “dumb” though, we should look to the main character, or his idiot-Abilities.

Please refer to the official site’s glossary for explanations of these terms:

  • Disintegration field
  • Tercio
  • White Sand / Shirasago Enterprise
  • Umetsubaki
  • Tsirhc Religion
  • Technomagi
  • Auspuff
  • EDEL Brocken



・MAN-YOU for Beginners
The paper stuck on Kra*ser’s mic says:
"Grudge Against Real Life" "Hate Love, Forever Alone"
Means something like, “Screw you all, RL people*, I’m all alone and yet you guys are making out. I hate you all!” If anyone has other ideas, please feel free to contribute.

* - the Japanese used is “Ria-juu”, which refers to people who live a happy and satisfied real life, without resorting to other means of self-satisfaction

・Neshinbara’s Sign Frame
There are images of Mikawa; it’s definitely been blown to well beyond smithereens.

・Defense Abilities
By flipping the Torii of the Mikawa Guard’s shields, a Shinto purification enhancement which says “Impassable” can be seen. During the Musashi’s defense (as in, the ones Musashi-san was manipulating), the barriers were moved around using gravity manipulation. The words written are probably remnants from the 1st-G Concept Core [manifestation of the power of words].

・The two technomagi
The word behind the two during their transformation scene is “Verwandlung”. It’s German for “Transformation”. The background in the pose they made was brought to you by EDEL Brocken.

・The delivery union bunch
There’s a winged being there, but this probably isn’t the first time such a nonhuman’s appeared.

Episode 11 - Musashi’s Mr. Impossible

Q: Argentina-something… Once more please?
A: It’s “Argenté Chaîné”, or “Silver Chains.” It’s Nate’s weapon, an intelligent chain. To put it in perspective, it’s like a chain version of those devices on a certain Lyrical show. Even comes with its own sentience to let it move on its own - how cute!

Q: Details on that whole outlet thing from Toori?

  • Divine Blessings: Ability to transmit and share all of ones self and abilities
  • Divine Offering: To continue to offer up feelings of happiness
  • Failure Parameter: To feel sadness

The reason why Toori was made Chancellor was because of his complete lack of any abilities whatsoever - his being “Impossible” (to do anything at all). This doesn’t refer to phyiscal strength, stamina, or mental capabilities however, but his overall uselessness in combat.
However, being a viceroy (or vice-king) of the Musashi gives him some degree of power. That is, his being a viceroy gives him complete control over 1/4ths of the Musashi’s Ether Fuel supply, which he can send over to any ally as he wishes. In other words, it’s like getting nearly infinite MP every single turn, so anyone he charges can just keep on blowing spells and abilities left and right.
If he fails in his offerings, then whatever is covered by divine blessings - his self and abilities - will be purified and extinguished. Of course, the “self” being “extinguished”, essentially means death. Furthermore, the scope of his offering is constant; therefore, even when the fight is over, he must not ever feel sadness. Even when playing naki-ge (eroge that make you cry) - that’s why he had to finish that eroge from episode 1 and graduate from playing them.

Q: Why did the Pope deactivate the Armament of Deadly Sins, even if it was giving them the advantage? For him to give into some cheap challenge, he’s gotta be crazy impulsive!
A: He’s certainly impulsive, that can’t be denied.
But, he is also the head of the Testament Union, and as the head, he has to abide by the rules of confrontations/duels that the Testament Union set. One of those rules is that once challenged to a standard duel, one may not back down from the challenge (note what Masazumi said). No one can interfere with such a challenge either (in the Far East, this may be taken as a one-on-one for History Recreation). Masazumi, being a vice-president of the student council, is of a high enough standing that the Pope couldn’t easy decline, and the others were also encouraging the Pope to go and duel (although this was omitted from the anime).

Q: Uh, Noriki-san’s actually kinda strong!? What kinda Abilities did he use!?

  • First Punch: Yayoizuki: Allow the third punch to ignore all defenses
  • Second Punch: Kisaragi: Allow the third punch’s attack power to punch through
  • Third Punch: Mutsuki: Uses the above two punches’ effects to punch the target

Against personnel, the third punch is basically an OHKO attack.
Against Abilities, it’s sort of like the Imagine Breaker, to put it simply [although it only seems to be temporary].

Q: How’d the half-dragon just pop outta nowhere?
A: Rewatch the Noriki vs. Galileo match. In the part where Galileo mentions him buying time  and Noriki saying that he’d take down Galileo, look at the background. [it’s that plume of smoke]

Q: Nate’s boobs look kinda different this episode…
A: It oughta be fixed in the BDs huh!

Please refer to the official site’s glossary for explanations of these terms:

  • Argenté Loup
  • Argenté Chaîné
  • Yayoizuki, Kisaragi, Mutsuki



・Three Punches
Kya!! Super Sonic Blast Man! [oh lawd, THIS GAME]

・Rarely Metabolizable (Metta-boli-ya)
A food shop that the boring rich guy, Ohiroshiki, got from his penny-pinching dad. He wanted to use it to raise some flags and get the affections of the little girls, but failed when the only customers he gets are dirty old men.

・Three Kingdoms Mahjong Musou / “Sangoku-shi Musou Engi”

  • "Romance of the Three Kingdoms" → A novel based on the Three Kingdoms period of China
  • "Sangoku Musou" (Dynasty Warriors) → A "-musou" game based on the setting of the Three Kingdoms
  • "Gokushi Musou" (13 orphans) → Mahjong terminology [a hand made up of one of each terminal and honor tile + any other terminal/honor tile]

A portmanteau of the above three; it seems to be about strip mahjong, but why exactly they’re doing it is a complete mystery.

Episode 12 - Opposition Against Crossing Over the Parallel Lines

Q: Summary of the parallel arguments?

[Current Situation]

  • Horizon is simultaneously both the automated doll, P-01s and Horizon Ariadust
  • Automated dolls analyze and scrutinize everything and deliver the best possible decision (Hora-ko learns using material such as the Instructor’s Records that she got from Masazumi on how to be a lord, and based on her learnings, makes decisions on the current situation regarding the Musashi)
  • During the arguments, her automated doll decision-making algorithms take precedence over Horizon Ariadust’s own desires

[Parallel Arguments]

  • Horizon holds the view, “As a lord, I must take responsibility and commit suicide for the sake of the world”
  • The idiot holds the view “I’ll get back the Armaments of Deadly Sins, Horizon’s emotions, and prevent the apocalypse for the sake of the world.”
    With these two parallel trains of thought, the argument between the two begins.
  • During the argument, Horizon says “I don’t want to listen to your arguments.” Under normal circumstances, this would essentially mean that one party no longer wants to continue and voluntarily stops the argument. This would result in the end of the argument.
  • However, in response to this closure of the discussion, the idiot replies with his own parallel argument - “I want to listen to your arguments.”
  • As Horizon has accepted the previous arguments as being parallel, she must also have to accept “I want to listen to your arguments.” From here, we move to the next phase.
  • So far in this discussion, the idiot has already understood that only parallel arguments will get through to Horizon (Toori must present a “best decision” from a perspective different from that of Horizon’s own “best decision”)
  • This in mind, Toori asks her “You want this right? (I want to not be saved)” The automated doll, Horizon, whose desire as Horizon Ariadust is to be saved, and the parallel argument to counter Toori’s argument, “I don’t want that. (I want to be saved),” serves as the “best decision”.
  • In the earlier half, the standpoint of the automated doll, “I must commit suicide”, is denied through the parallel argument, and in the latter half the desire of Horizon Ariadust, “I want to be saved” is brought out. This coincides with what the idiot wants, and thus, the situation of them being on parallel viewpoints is over. Having been able to reach a mutual understanding, they cross over to beyond the horizon.
  • Now they just have to break the barrier! And then the Pope-chancellor showed up. And then whoops, ero-fumble!

Q: How were they able to get out of the flashback-space?
A: That “flashback-space” is basically a space where if you can’t deny your past sin, you die. So in other words, if you are able to deny your past sin, then the wall will lose its effect and disperse. See below for how he did it.

  • 10 years ago, the idiot chased after Horizon, but wasn’t able to catch up, and ended up letting her die. He thought that Horizon ran away because she hated him; because he wasn’t strong enough to catch up to Horizon, he regrets himself for letting her die.
  • Horizon denies this. She didn’t run away because she hated him, but because she didn’t want him to see her crying. If, like before, they are dualities on parallel lines, then Horizon, in response to Toori’s “I’ll go there,” would say “Don’t come here.” While it may look like she rejects him, that isn’t the case - what is needed are the words to allow them their parallel lines to converge - to allow them to meet above the horizon.
  • The idiot has an epiphany. If by his own power, he can’t catch up to Horizon, then there is something he can do. Just as how he’s arrived this far, he hasn’t done so only on his own. Therefore, in order to deny his past sin, and to go above the horizon together with Horizon, the idiot says: “It’s dangerous over there, so I’ll head over there to save you, but come over here too, Horizon.”
  • Horizon accepts this, and by this, he is able to deny his regret, and the disintegration barrier is dispersed.

The site has no new explanations for terms this episode.



・That crazy long line
Primarily based on The Anime Network subs with slight revisions:

Shinto, Buddhism, Catholic, Protestant, Mlasi, Anglican Church, Russian Orthodox Church, Dunhi, Oat, Techno-magic, swordplay, martial arts, gunsligning, mechanical beasts, phoenixes, dragons, aerial warships, civilians, knights, musketeers, samurai, ninja, warriors, kings, nobles, soveriegns, dynasts, emperors, popes, Far East, K.P.A. Italia, Tres España, Hexagone Française, England, Svet Russia, P.A. ODA, Qing, Union of India, money, rights, negotiations, politics, public opinion, armed forces, information, Divine Weapons, Armaments of Deadly Sins, Testament Arma, Summit Five, Eight Great Dragon Kings, Chancellor’s Board, Student Council, men, women, those who are neither, the young, the old, the dead, and the living, the emotions, the logic, the resolve, for those here who have the power to be able to duel - those on the Musashi, all of us, and all of you, and others, many others, many more, so very many more things that I still don’t know about - among all of us… Let’s find out who’s the strongest out there!

The voice actor himself asked for a retake of this line. That’s how incredible it is.

The furigana written above “Mr. Sweaty Palms”; I leave the meaning to your imagination.

・Loli Horizon’s Panties
According to the author himself, the story’s settings state that her panties are black. Furthermore, it seems to be the norm in this world for a little girl to wear G-strings/thongs. For a girl that age to be wearing a black thong… That is quite… (quite what?)

Episode 13 - Those Lined Up Above The Horizon

Q: Who are the Five Great Peaks / 6 Demon Army?
A: A specialist force given Divine Weapons, and P.A. ODA’s primary attack force. There are 6 of them, so they’re called the 6 Demon Army.

Q: What’s with that “Please Kill me All” [sic]?
Q: Why’d a two-boundary crest show up?
A: Check out the original novel for the rest!

Q: Makiko-sensei’s personal history?
A: Check out the original novel for the rest!

Q: Who are the guys who showed up out of nowhere in the C-part?
A: It’s the entire Chancellor’s Board and Student Council of Tres España. If you wanna know more, we’ll get to it in the 2nd season!

Q: When’s the 2nd season?
A: Scheduled for Summer 2012!

Please refer to the official site’s glossary for explanations of these terms:

  • 5 Great Peaks (6 Demon Army)
  • San Lorenzo



・Established 1475, Kitamura Brewery “The Home of Fruits”
If you look closely, it’s written that it’s a softdrink, so it’s totally not alcohol! Totally!

・The thing Suzu-san was holding onto in the C-part
An enema for the horse. To be used for Ohiroshiki’s execution it seems. *Le sigh* [this is seriously what the site says, no lie]

・The signframes around town during the assault
The quasi-Bahamut class Aerial City, Musashi, is about to enter into hostilities with Tres España. To all townspeople, please enter the designated shelters swiftly and smoothly.

・The Valdés Siblings’ Cadena Firma*
(from the 2chan spoiler threads #23, #321, #324; () = a rough translation [taking a few liberties to make the Japanese translation sound more poetic; anyone versed in Spanish who care to drop their opinions, feel free to do so through the Questions section])

El fuego de St. Elmo
(St. Elmo’s Fire)
El ciento en la espalda Objetivo esta en frente de
(May the wind guide us to the target before us)
Dedicar una oracion
Mi fuerza y las llamas
(I dedicate prayers, my strength and my flames)
Atsumare fuerza ?? el hombro
(Power, gather in my right shoulder)
Llama sagrada ilumina la oscridad
(The sacred flame illuminates the darkness)

* - The author, Kawakami, uses different readings for “表示枠” (lit. display frame) for each country; the Far East uses “Sign frame”, while Tres España uses “Cadena Firma” (lit. chain-sign)