Official Anime Website Glossary

Episode 1 - Club Members on the Scarlet Field

■Anglo-Spanish Armada Battle
A decisive turning point in the Anglo-Spanish war in 1588; on her way to England, the newly constructed Spanish fleet suffered heavy losses, and as a result had to retreat.

■Testamenta Arma (lit. Apparent Testament Arms)
Divine weapons originally ditributed to the nations with Testaments, for their protection; they were modeled after 7 virtues, complementary to the seven Deadly Sins. There are the new and old generations of Christianity (Catholic and Protestant/non-Catholic), so there are two Testamenta Arma for each, with a total of 14 Testamenta Arma. They are fueled by their respective countries’ Testaments, through the ether veins, so they can only work on their own territories.

■Crus Temperantia Vetus (lit. Self-firm Temperance, Old Generation)
One of Tres España’s Testamenta Arma; the vice president is its owner. Its ability is to divide the enemy’s time in two. [effectively reducing their speed to half; it can also work on projectiles, etc.]*

* - please note the Japanese characterused to denote the amount of time slowdown is rather vague, and can mean many times, or even exponentially.

■Crus Temperantia Novum (lit. Self-firm Temperance, New Generation)
One of Tres España’s Testamenta Arma; the secretary, Velasquez, is its owner. Its ability is to divide the enemy’s attack power by the number of attacks. [ergo, 7 attacks = each attack is 1/7th the power]

■Michiyuki Byakko
Tres España’s flagship heavy God of War. Era Fusae, the Second Special Duty, is its owner. It was contructed during the Catholic Revolt 50 and 30 years ago, along with 3 other Divine Weapon-level Gods of War. It has the “Path” ability, which allows it to transform any battlefield, regardless of circumstance or location, into a road, which serves as absolute footing, and grants it superior evasive skills.

■Arcabuz Cruz (Arquebus Cross; lit. cross-fire; interlocking fire [Wiki])
A weapon used by those of the Tachibana 門 line [Gin’s name is 誾; this refers to those whose names have a 門 radical]; they are cruciform, long cannons, usually stored in a second dimension of her prosthetic arms.

■Sorrowful Dejection / Akidía Katárripsi
A Deadly Sins Armament that governs “dejection”; Juana is its owner. The recipient of its hyperdrive ability will be bound in the areas which they think badly of, cast with the feeling of disgust.

A floating island country in the West Far Eastern Sea. It is not under provisional rule, nor is it under the Far East’s territory. From north to south, it is 31km; east to west, it is 30km; and 4km from top to bottom. Of those 4 kilometers, it is divided into 4 strata. There are many non-humans living here.

An escort ship affiliated with England’s Oxford Academy. Its captain is Grace O’Malley.

■TRUMPS (lit. The Queen’s Cards)
An organization created for the Armada battles; its brainchild is Ben Jonson. The members are from the Student Council and Chancellors Board, with a total of 14 members.

■Brachium Justitia Vetus (lit. Grand Justice; Old Generation)
One of England’s Testamenta Arma, in the form of a pair of very large silver gloves, and the left and right have different effects. Dudley owns the left glove. By swinging it downwards, she is able to remotely control weapons within its range.

■”Miss Asama is Shooting”
A doujinshi starring Malga Naruze and Asama Tomo.

■Weighted Words (alt. multi-layered words)
Toussaint Neshinbara’s ability. By offering his writings up to the God of writing, the Sugawara-type Itsuru, his words are turned into reality. It is required that he writes a substantial composition for any real effect, so it does take time for him to execute this ability.

Episode 2 - Players on the Stage

■The Second Tragedy, “Macbeth”
One of the works that make up Thomas Shakespeare’s theatrical play ability, “Lord Chamberlain’s Men”. The opponent is forced into following the story of the play; however, this ability consumes a large amount of ether.

■Shield of Avarice / Aspída Filargyría
The Armament of Deadly Sins that governs “avarice”; its owner is Thomas Shakespeare. The normal drive allows it to function as a normal shield, while the hyperdrive converts any pain the owner receives into ether and returns it back to the owner.

■Number 13 Mutsugorei Academy
A top secret Church institution established by the former Tres Españan Chancellor and Student Council president, Carlos I, to raise children prior to elementary school. It was used for special training for child elites, but was destroyed 13 years ago from a rebellion by the children.

■King’s Gift Sword Type 2: E.X. Caliburn / Excalibur Caliburn
A sword-type ability used for protecting the English territory, owned by Elizabeth. It can slice through targets easily, and those sliced by it can get tossed right out of England. It is pierced into the Tower of London earth pulse, and whoever pulls it out earns the right to become king.

Refers to a half-human, half-elf being. They are being persecuted in Spain, because of a strong principle of pure-bloodedness.

Lives a much longer life than humans. Characteristic to them is their long, pointed ears.

■Grande y Felicísima Armada
The Spanish fleet currently under construction for use in the upcoming Anglo-Spanish Armada Battle. Made of cutting-edge technology ships, they were historically refered to as the “Invincible Fleet”.

■San Martin
The flagship of the Grande y Felicísima Armada, currently under construction for the upcoming Anglo-Spanish Armada Battle.

■Battle of Lepanto
A previously recreated battle at Itsukushima. Conducted between Tres España, P.A. ODA, and Hexagone Française. Tres Españan casualties were heavy.

Episode 3 - Those Descending to the Surface

■Tower of London
A structure on England’s second level. Though it’s called a “tower”, it’s actually more of a fortress. Currently,  “Double Bloody Mary” is confined within, awaiting execution.

"Scarred", upon seeing Toori, naked with seaweed on his crotch, mistakenly calls him this, thinking he is a spirit or some such being.

Refers to the previously-occupied Kinki used as a base of operations, and the Daimyo, the Toyotomi clan that later conquered the Far East. Currently allied with M.H.R.R. (The Holy Roman Empire)’s Catholic force, and attacking Mouri.

■”Double Bloody Mary” (lit. doubly blood-stained Mary)
Refers to the two historical figures who existed at nearly the same time: the English queen Mary Tudor (nicknamed Bloody Mary), and Mary Stuart, a Scottish queen charged with trying to assassinate Elizabeth. As someone who inherited both the names of Mary Tudor and of Mary Stuart, she eventually was called “Double Bloody Mary”.

A special move of Far Eastern merchants, according to the writings of the Testament. It is a negotiation technique that guarantees to make the other concede to one’s requests. Truly an ultimate skill.

Episode 4 - Ruler of the Theater

■Homeland Contract
A contract with a god of one’s own birthplace. Upon contract, one receives free blessings and protective assistance for daily activities, as well as some basic types of blessings.

■Divine Blessing Contract
Determining a mouse by random when establishing a contract with one. Compared to establishing a contract by personally selecting a preferred mouse, it is much cheaper.

■Comedy, “Much Ado About Nothing”
One of the works that make up Thomas Shakespeare’s theatrical play ability, “Lord Chamberlain’s Men”, it creates a stage atmosphere with a barrier, for combat use.

Episode 5 - The Hunting Ground’s Humanitarians

■Ten Brave Amago Warriors
Refers to 10 military commanders under the Amago family, which was overthrown by the Mouri and Hexagone Française.

■Living Bones
Written as “動白骨” (lit. animated skeleton) in Japanese; as the name implies, it refers to animated skeletons. They are beings similar to the living dead (lit. animated corpse).

■Brachium Justitia Vetus
One of England’s Testament Arma, in the form of a large silver glove. Francis Drake is the owner of the right glove, which has the effect of making anyone fail in defying England’s justice. It also remembers and learns the opponent’s moves, allowing for it to read in advance the enemy’s movements and attacks, and making them fail as well.
[astute viewers may have noticed that Dudley ‘also’ uses the Vetus; it is said that both of them use the Vetus, so the owner of the Novum is still unknown]

■Lord Keeper of the State Seal
In England, this refers to the office of one who manages the state seal, the symbol of the country.

■War Cry
A howl used when a wolf pack hunts down its prey, and used as an attack by half-wolves. It knocks down any prey it hits, and can also bring them into a state of shock.

■Gravity Sword
A substance-less sword owned by Walter Raleigh; by taking off the cap on the grip, the safety mechanism in the sword is released. Instead of a physical blade, a pair of opposing gravity planes are generated, and any opponents caught by this are cut down by the power of gravity.

Episode 6 - The Man and Woman in the Plaza

■Queen Anne
According to history, she was Henry VIII’s second queen, and Elizabeth’s mother - Anne Boleyn. She was executed in the Tower of London by beheading after being accused of high treason - trying to assassinate the King - and committing adultery.

■Henry VIII
According to history, he was England’s king; he bore Mary with Catherine, the first queen, and bore Elizabeth with Anne, the second queen.

■Queen Catherine
According to history, she was Henry VIII’s first queen, and Mary’s mother. However, she was of a weak contsitution, and could not bear Mary. Hence, they claimed that Mary was “hidden by fairies”.

■Carlos I de España
According to history, he was a descendant from the German Hapsburg family of the Holy Roman Empire, and is also called Charles V. He and Henry VIII formed an alliance and waged war against France.

■Spirit-based Magic
A technique that manipulates the ether in the air - it is a primitive type of Ability that allows one to borrow its power by communicating with the spirit and will of the ether itself.

Episode 7 - The Storyteller in the Hall

■IZUMO-manufactured Surface Ether Driver, Hull-type Special 06 “Susashizunami”
A mechanism attached to the Musashi’s outer hull beneath its waterline, producing the ocean-like film; allows the Musashi to take off quickly.

Episode 8 - The Decision Maker on High

P.A. ODA’s primary academy. It is also called P.A.M.

■Mercenary King Wallenstein
A key person in the Thirty Years’ War

■Thirty Years’ War
A war that stemmed from the domestic unrest of the M.H.R.R. that ended up involving every other country. Still continuing. In the original Earth history, it is a religious war between Catholics and Protestants set in the Holy Roman Empire. In the end, it was resolved via the Peace of Westphallen.

One of the Divine Weapons given to the Five Great Peaks; it reverses healing power, and has the ability to preserve and deploy souls.

■Kaga Million Geist
The spirit army called by Maeda Toshiie through Israfel

Episode 9 - One Parting Under the Night Sky

■Ten Brave Amago Warriors
Vassals of the Sengoku Daimyo Amago; ten warriors who worked to revive the Amago.

■Inadequate HQ
A common alias for the strategy room in the Musashi being used for the Armada Battle. For the strategists Adele and Mitotsudaira, they both create strategies that center on offense and defense, subconsciously understanding and keeping in mind their own inadequacies. Because of this, it ended up being called that way.

Episode 10 - Howler at the Theater

■Spanish Contingent
This refers to the Spanish group of students who will play a role in history recreation, as the group that discovers the new continent = the Americas (substituted by Hokkaido)

■Mechanical Phoenix
A member under the race of “Mechanical Beasts” which are born with a mechanical body - they have a bird-like body. Alternatively, airplanes built using them as a motif. This episode features the latter.

■King Lear
One of the works that make up Thomas Shakespeare’s theatrical play ability, “Lord Chamberlain’s Men”. One of William Shakespeare’s 4 Great Tragedies.

■Heavenly Deity Michizane
An ether puppet that manifested itself by Neshinbara offering one of his compositions to the god of literature and arts.

■6 Paths
Refers to the 6 different paths that lead to different realms of existence when reincarnated in Buddhism: the God Realm, the Asura Realm, the Human Realm, the Animal Realm, the Preta (ghost) Realm, and the Hell Realm.

Episode 11 - Successful Candidate in the Flower Garden

■Pinch (All-nighter) mode
When Malga Naruze switches into all-nighter mode when the deadline is approaching, it takes a mere 0.5 seconds for her to roll up her sleeve. Now let’s take a quick look at her sleeve-rolling process (anime as reference). She gets really pumped up and her tension is multiplied three-fold.

■King’s Gift Sword Type 1: E.X. Collbrande / Excalibur Collbrande
A sword that forms a pair with Elizabeth’s King’s Gift Sword Type 2 (E.X. Caliburn), length is roughly 1.5m. Split into two single-edged swords, it can be combined into a single long sword.

Episode 12 - Where the One Scarred by Swords Belongs

■Cuatro Cruz (“Four-cornered Cross”)
A weapon used by those of the Tachibana 門 line [Gin’s name is 誾; this refers to those whose names have a 門 radical], two very large cross cannons for siege use. For a short time, such as in decisive moments of battles, they can be used alongside Arcabuz Cruz.

Episode 13 - The Greedy Ones who Cross Borders

IZUMO Industrial Enterprises’ HQ, located on a floating island in Hexagone Française. The Musashi was constructed here.