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Aoi Toori
VA: Fukuyama Jun
Musashi, Musashi Ariadust Academy
Chancellor, Student Council President, Musashi Vice King

The protagonist. Studies and athletic abilities are average. Publicly and self-recognized as an incompetent leader. However, he is very popular. This may be because his personality doesn’t know the meaning of “sad”. Knows a lot of strip-jokes, and often plays the idiot (his Ability)

Horizon Ariadust (P-01s)
VA: Chihara Minori
Musashi, Musashi Ariadust Academy
Class 3-Plum Student, Musashi Vice King
Blue Thunder Employee, Matsudaira Monotobu’s daughter

Toori’s childhood friend; died 10 years ago due to an accident, but returned to the Musashi a year ago as P-01s, an Automated Doll who lost all of her memories. She was found by the Blue Thunder’s owner, and given a part time job. Her emotions were used by her father to create the Armaments of Deadly Sins, while the emotion of Envy was planted in her, as Ólos Fotonos. By taking back each country’s Armament of Deadly Sins, she can also recover her emotions. Basically very unsympathetic and sharp-tongued; her retorts towards Toori are especially rough.

Honda Masazumi
VA: Sawashiro Miyuki
Musashi, Musashi Ariadust Academy
3-Plum student, Student Council Vice President

A (too) serious girl aiming to be a politician; her abilities lie in debate. Originally was supposed to undergo gender reassignment surgery in order to succeed the family, but stopped midway due to certain circumstances. As a result, she has no chest. Is treated by Toori as a flat-chested girl.

Toussaint Neshinbara
VA: Tamura Mutsuki
Musashi, Musashi Ariadust Academy
3-Plum student, Student Council Secretary

Has a very dry personality that penetrates even the thickest atmosphere of tomfoolery, yet is also fond of history, an aspiring novelist, and a romanticist. Is in charge of strategics planning and command during wartime.

[note: he is also considered by many to have chuunibyou, and is also generally agreed upon to be the author’s self-insert]

Shirojiro Bertoni
VA: Koyasu Takehito
Musashi, Musashi Ariadust Academy
3-Plum student, Student Council Treasurer

Works as one of the youngest merchants in the Musashi Business Administration, and is contracted to the god of commerce. Makes decisions using profitability as his basis. In other words - a miser.

Heidi Augesvarer
VA: Nadzuka Kaori
Musashi, Musashi Ariadust Academy
3-Plum student, Student Council Treasurer’s Aide

Shirojiro’s partner, both business and personal. Although she constantly has a smile on, she is as much of a miser as Shirojiro is.

Honda Futayo
VA: Kobayashi Yuu
Musashi, Musashi Ariadust Academy
3-Plum student, Chancellor’s Board Vice President

A student of Mikawa, and old friends with Honda Masazumi. She is Honda Tadakatsu’s daughter, one of the Four Divine Matsudaira Kings, and is the head of the Mikawa Guard. Because she has only ever received combat training from Tadakatsu, she is incredibly clueless about the world.

Tenzou Crossunite
VA: Ono Daisuke
Musashi, Musashi Ariadust Academy
3-Plum student, Chancellor’s Board 1st Special Duty

A highly talented ninja, excelling in Ninjutsu and intelligence. Though very nice in character, he is also quite the pervert, openly declaring his love for blonde-haired, big-breasted women.

Kiyonari Ulquiaga
VA: Kuroda Takaya
Musashi, Musashi Ariadust Academy
3-Plum student, Chancellor’s Board 2nd Special Duty

An aerial-type half-dragon aiming to be an inquisition officer. He labels himself as one in charge of older sister-type characters in eroge, unbecoming of his large stature and muscular build.

Margot Naito
VA: Touyama Nao
Musashi, Musashi Ariadust Academy
3-Plum student, Chancellor’s Board 3rd Special Duty

A blonde, 6-winged black magic user, as well as Naruze’s lover. Always smiling. Freely uses her abilities in flight, characteristic of magicians. Pursues a career in the transportation industry.

Malga Naruze
VA: Nitta Emi
Musashi, Musashi Ariadust Academy
3-Plum student, Chancellor’s Board 4th Special Duty

A black-haired, 6-winged white magic user. Also affiliated with the manga club. Her personality is rather rebellious, but she always puts Naito above all else.

Nate Mitotsudaira
VA: Inoue Marina
Musashi, Musashi Ariadust Academy
3-Plum student, Chancellor’s Board 5th Special Duty

A knight of Hexagone Francaise, and successor of the Mitotsudaira. Half-human, half-werewolf. Although she cannot transform into a wolf form, she possesses the form’s great strength. Also uses her special Divine Weapon, Argenté Chaîné, to great effect.

VA: Shindou Kei
Musashi, Musashi Ariadust Academy
3-Plum student, Chancellor’s Board 6th Special Duty

Is from Takeda-Qing. Works in the Musashi Engineering Club and lives alone in the dorms. Her right arm is a prosthetic. Uses her God of War Jizurisuzaku to fight. She has an older sister-type personality.

Aoi Kimi
VA: Saitou Chiwa
Musashi, Musashi Ariadust Academy
3-Plum student

Toori’s older sister. Both she and Toori were born on the same year, so they are of the same grade level. Bad with ghosts. Is a follower in the god of eroticism and dance. Dislikes her name, “Kimi” for some reason, so she changes it habitually. Though she calls Toori a foolish little brother, she also has another side that cares for him.

Asama Tomo
VA: Koshimizu Ami
Musashi, Musashi Ariadust Academy
3-Plum student

The only daughter of the Asama Shrine, childhood friends with the Aois, and a master archer who uses her artificial left eye for precision shooting. Although a holy shrine maiden, she is often called “Sniper Maiden” by some.

Mukai Suzu
VA: Yuuki Aoi
Musashi, Musashi Ariadust Academy
3-Plum student

A blind girl who acts as a “stopper” for the intense cast surrounding her. Highly perceptive, and is able to detect phenomena that escape most people’s attention.

Adele Balfette
VA: Oohashi Ayuru
Musashi, Musashi Ariadust Academy
3-Plum student

From Hexagone Française; a girl who works as a thegn/thane for knights. She has a small build, but during battle, she walks about in her Mechanic Shell, “Raging Beast”*, that she inherited from her father.

VA: Hirakawa Daisuke
Musashi, Musashi Ariadust Academy
3-Plum student

Constantly works in part time jobs to support his large family. Specializes in physical attack-based Abilities. Socially awkward, taciturn, and very blunt with words.

VA: Morinaga Rika
Musashi, Musashi Ariadust Academy
3-Plum student

The child of the emperor and a half-god. Abilities are sealed. Lives on the Musashi. Somewhat clueless about the world.

Miriam Poqou
VA: Matayoshi Ai
Musashi, Musashi Ariadust Academy
3-Plum student

Confined to a wheelchair; thus, conducts studies at home. Has a strong character, is very tactless, and will say anything that comes to her mind. However, she has very gentle eyes.

Itou Kenji
VA: Miyashita Eiji
Musashi, Musashi Ariadust Academy
3-Plum student

A naked, muscular incubus. Nickname: Itoken. Has a very merry personality, and is good friends with Nenji.

Ohiroshiki Ginji
VA: Shiraishi Minoru
Musashi, Musashi Ariadust Academy
3-Plum student

A self-proclaimed lolicon otaku who glorifies little girls. A member of the cooking club, and is highly knowledgeable about the Musashi’s food situation.

VA: Hirakawa Daisuke
Musashi, Musashi Ariadust Academy
3-Plum student

A slime with around 3 HP. Tries to be brave and chivalrous but sucks at it. Usually explodes after getting stepped on by everyone, but is able to regenerate, and even change form.

Hassan Fullbush
VA: Ono Daisuke
Musashi, Musashi Ariadust Academy
3-Plum student

Always has curry on his person. Eats, drinks, breathes curry. Loves curry, and is a pretty nice guy.

VA: ???
Musashi, Musashi Ariadust Academy
3-Plum student

A super macho guy with a bucket helmet. Quiet but very pure-hearted. Uses gestures instead of talking to convey his thoughts.

Mishina Hiro
VA: Toyoguchi Megumi
Musashi, Musashi Ariadust Academy

A transfer student from IZUMO, and the grandchild of Taizou [the head of the Engineering Club]. She is a skilled engineer like her grandfather, and came onboard the Musashi to help service Jizurisuzaku, which sustained heavy damages.

Oriotorai Makiko
VA: Shiraishi Ryouko
Musashi, Musashi Ariadust Academy
3-Plum homeroom teacher

Class 3-Plum’s homeroom teacher. Self-centered in both speech and action, but is a very personable teacher who always thinks of her students. Has incredible physical power, to the point where she is called a “Real Amazon”. Loves alcohol.

Sanyou Mitsuki
VA: Shimizu Ai
Musashi, Musashi Ariadust Academy
3-Bamboo homeroom teacher

Class 3-Bamboo’s homeroom teacher, and Oriotorai’s junior. Her class is right next to 3-Plum, so they usually get caught up in the mayhem.

Sakai Tadatsugu
VA: Sunoki Taiten
Musashi, Musashi Ariadust Academy

Formerly one of the Four Divine Matsudaira Kings, he is now degrading, and is works as the principal of Musashi Ariadust Academy. Though somewhat aloof, he still maintains his power.

VA: Nakahara Mai (!!!!!!!!!!!!)
Aerial City-ship, Musashi
Overall Commanding Automated Doll

An automaton managing the Floating City Musashi where Toori and the others reside. She is the captain of each and every one of the eight ships making up the Musashi. Possesses a characteristic sharp tongue.

VA: Madono Mitsuaki
Musashi, Musashi Ariadust Academy
Vice Principal, Musashi King

Dispatched from Hexagone Francaise to serve as the king of the Musashi, and is the vice-principal of Musashi Ariadust Academy. He looks like the king from a deck of playing cards, and even uses “Ic / Maro" (an archaic form of "I") to address himself. Because of this, Toori often makes fun of him.

Honda Masanobu
VA: Takada Yuuji
Provisional Councillor

A member of the provisional council, an organization that supports the academies. Very strict with his daughter, Masazumi. In reality, he has another hidden side to him, but it’s quite…

VA: Kobushi Nobuyuki

A merchant who does business with Honda Masanobu. Not only does he have commonalities in business with Masanobu, but perhaps other relations as well…?

Blue Thunder Shopkeeper
VA: Yamada Miho
Musashi, Bakery/Cafe “Blue Thunder” Storeowner

The owner of the bakery/cafe Blue Thunder and a lady with a good disposition. Has a very helpful personality, such as when she took in the unidentified automated doll, P-01s, as an employee.

Matsudaira Motonobu
VA: Hayami Shou
Mikawa Lord

The creator of the Armaments of Deadly Sins and the ruler of Mikawa. Also responsible for the isolation policy (Sakoku) of Mikawa at present. Refers to himself as “Sensei” [1] and speaks as if he were lecturing.

Honda Tadakatsu
VA: Sumi Naomi
Member of the Four Divine Matsudaira Kings

Futayo’s father and one of the Four Divine Matsudaira Kings serving under the Mikawa ruler, Matsudaira Motonobu. A soldier of remarkable ability, named the “Peerless Man of the East”, and owner of the Divine Weapon, Slicing Dragonfly.

VA: Shintani Ryouko
Automated Doll serving the Honda household

Handles the daily needs of both Tadakatsu and Futayo, and also serves as Futayo’s fighting instructor. Not only are both the cooking and sword skills of Tadakatsu’s late wife perfectly replicated, but her sharp tongue is as well.

VA: Nakata Jouji
K.P.A. Italia, K.P.A. Scuola
Pope President
Owner of the Stáseis Porneía, Member of the Eight Great Dragon Kings

Representative of K.P.A. Italia, and Pope-Chancellor of the top school, K.P.A. Scuola; holds a lot of influence around the whole world. Owner of the Armament of Deadly Sins, Steisos Porneia*. Highly ambitious; intends to expand his power and influence under the premise of recreating history.

VA: Koyama Tsuyoshi
K.P.A. Italia, K.P.A Scuola
Vice President

An archdevil who uses the Ptolemaic (Geocentric) and Copernican (Heliocentric) Theories as Abilities. Was one of the students of the K.P.A.S. when Innocentius served as its principal.

Felipe II (Felipe Segundo)
VA: Shiratori Tetsu
Tres España, Alacalá de Henares
Chancellor, Student Council President

A middle-aged man who lost his comrades, wife, and children in the recreation of the Battle of Lepant, he has lost all meaning in life. Rather than staying in the center stage of politics, he simply stays in the back, cleaning up.

VA: Tanaka Rie
Tres España, Alacalá de Henares
Student Council Vice President, Treasurer

An elf who one hand, is a female teacher-type cool intellectual, and on the other, slightly airheaded. An excellent subordinate of Felipe II, who continutes to support him despite constantly reprimanding him. The owner of Akidía Katárripsi.

Diego Velasquez
VA: Miyake Kenta
Tres España, Alacalá de Henares
Student Council Secretary

An elf who once served under Felipe II in the Battle of Lepant. A little aloof, but very helpful. Also a very famous eroge scenarist. The owner of the Testament Arma, “Crus Temperantia Novum”.

Hironaka Takakane
VA: Yasumoto Hiroki
Tres España, Alacalá de Henares
Chancellor’s Board Vice Chancellor

Era Fusae’s husband, a ghost, who serves as the president of the Baseball Club. His specialty is bunting; you can easily tell that whatever his attack will be, it will be a bunt. The owner of the Testament Arma, “Crus Temperantia Vetus”.

Era Fusae
VA: Asano Masami
Tres España, Alacalá de Henares
Chancellor’s Board 2nd Special Duty

The president of the Track and Field Club, and Hironaka Takakane’s wife. Also a ghost. She looks like a calm and gentle person, but is actually very sharp, in charge of forming strategies. She manipulates the Heavy-type God of War, Michiyuki Byakko, but can also fight on her own.

Tachibana Gin
VA: Kotobuki Minako
Tres España, Alacalá de Henares
Chancellor’s Board, 3rd Special Duty

A girl whose arms are both prosthetic. Clueless about the world, and prone to misunderstanding things. Boasts very high firepower. She and Muneshige are married.

Pedro Valdez
VA: Kawahara Yoshihisa
Tres España, Alacalá de Henares
Chancellor’s Board 4th Special Duty

Flores’ older brother, and a member of the Baseball Club. The two of them throw the “Vanishing Magic Ball”.

Flores Valdez
VA: Sanpei Yuuko
Tres España, Alacalá de Henares
Chancellor’s Board 5th Special Duty

Pedro’s younger sister, and a member of the Baseball Club. Though very naïve and innocent, she is cold to Pedro.

Tachibana Muneshige
VA: Sugita Tomokazu
Tres España, Alacalá de Henares

On 1st Special Duty of the academy “Alcalá de Henares” in Tres España. Owner of the Armament of Deadly Sins, Lypē Katathlipsē, and one of the Eight Great Dragon Kings. A very serious but amiable youth.

Elizabeth (click for larger image)
VA: Tamura Yukari
England, Oxford Academy
Chancellor, Student Council President / “Fairy Queen”

Half-human and half-fairy. Though prideful and pompous, she has a slightly airheaded personality that one can’t seem to hate.

William Cecil
VA: Kuwatani Natsuko
England, Oxford Academy
Student Council Vice President / 10th TRUMP

One of England’s Food Fighters (a competitive eater), with an egg-shaped body. Speaks with a relaxed, laid-back tone of voice. Can often be found with Dudley.

Robert Dudley
VA: Yamada Miho
England, Oxford Academy
Chancellor’s Board Vice President / 10th TRUMP

A user of the Testament Arma Brachium Justitia Vetus (left hand); has high blood pressure due to becoming far too thin.

Ben Jonson
VA: Onosaka Masaya
England, Oxford Academy
Student Council Secretary / 9th TRUMP

An athelete-poet who is also the president of the Literary Club. With an intelligent personality, he prefers to speak in poetry. The original proponent of establishing the TRUMP for protecting the Queen.

Nicholas Bacon
VA: Sanpei Yuuko
England, Oxford Academy
Student Council Secretary’s Assistant / 8th TRUMP

The outward appearance is that of a child, but is actually a protective ghost that houses England’s seal of state. Using his hammer, the “English Seal”, he can make its receiver take on the full weight of England.

Charles Howard
VA: Narita Ken
England, Oxford Academy
Student Council Treasurer / 7th TRUMP

Has no combat abilities, but owns vast amounts of wealth, the use of which he specializes in. The owner of the Royal Navy, though he has left its command to Drake, while he simply manages the fleet.

Thomas Shakespeare
VA: Saitou Momoko
England, Oxford Academy

Currently the most famous author in all of England, whose true identity is an elf otaku with glasses. Is the vice-president of the Literary Club, and user of Aspída Filargyría. It seems that there is some sort of past relationship with Neshinbara…?

Francis Drake
VA: Takeuchi Ryouta
England, Oxford Academy
5-1st TRUMP

A half-wolf former sea pirate who was given a knighthood because of his attack on Tres España expeditionary ships to the New Continent (Hokkaido) that brought in profits on par with the national budget. Owner of the Testament Arma, Brachium Justitia Vetus (right hand).

John Hawkins
VA: Chiba Susumu
England, Oxford Academy
5-2nd TRUMP

Looks like a pervert in racing trunks, but is actually a highly capable independent officer, is partners with Drake, and fights alongside him in wartime. The president of the Boating Club.

Thomas Cavendish
VA: Yuzuki Ryouka
England, Oxford Academy
5-3rd TRUMP

A mermaid. Often placed in charge of commanding warships due to her Abilities. During wartime, she often serves as Hawkins’ assistant as the Boating Club manager.

Grace O’Malley
VA: Toyoguchi Megumi
England, Oxford Academy

A sea pirate, of Scottish descent, and Elizabeth’s friend. She has a sharp tongue, but a deep sense of duty and morality. Her ship handling skills are absolutely top-notch.

Christopher Hatton
VA: Ookawa Tooru
England, Oxford Academy

"Living bones" of the Lord Chancellor. His abilities allow him to manipulate other Living Bones. His manner of speaking is a gloomy kind of energetic.

F. Wallshingham (Francis)
VA: Kuwatani Natsuko
England, Oxford Academy

An Automated Doll who is an absolute master at gravity manipulation and a professional at intelligence. Expressionless, and always speaks English.

Walther Raleigh
VA: Ookawa Tooru
England, Oxford Academy

A Far-Easterner under the service of Elizabeth. Uses a gravity sword. Taciturn, and has never spoken about himself.

VA: ???

A mysterious being who guards the graveyard in England’s 4th layer. Its whole body is concealed by a hood and mantle, with feet bound by shackles with stakes and chains.

VA: Kawahara Yoshihisa

A three-legged crow that serves Scarred. In charge of managing the 4th layer. Never calm, and gets riled up easily.

VA: Yasumoto Hiroki

A ghost, measuring 15 cm tall. Very hardworking, but can only handle very simple orders, so one has to have the knack for using it right. Treat it wrong, and…

Maeda Toshiie
VA: Toyonaga Toshiyuki
P.A. Oda, P.A.M.
Student Council Treasurer, Five Great Peaks - Part of #4

Matsu’s husband; at first glance, he looks like a really nice guy, but he’s real evil inside. He is the owner of the Divine Weapon Israfel, and the double name inheritor of Albrecht von Wallenstein, called the Mercenary King.

VA: Kotobuki Minako
P.A. Oda P.A.M.
Student Council Treasurer’s Aide, Five Great Peaks - Part of #4

Maeda Toshiie’s wife, a female ghost. Because she herself has become an ability, she is always consuming ether.

Brown Algae
Organisms with a shared consciousness that reside in gutters within the Musashi. Are able to purify themselves using a process similar to photosynthesis.

Quasi-Bahamut Class Floating City-ship, Musashi (click for larger image)
Composed of two ships in the middle, and 3 ships on each side, front and back, for a total of 8 ships. Length overall is over 7 kilometers. Has residential, commercial, administrative, industrial areas, and even embassies. Has all the facilities needed to function as a country.

Jizurisuzaku (click for larger image)
Made by Naomasa using a combination of parts from Gods of War, and completed by having her own Mouse reside in it. In terms of strength, it is second to none in the Musashi Engineering Club.

El Azul (click for larger image)
Winged; roughly 10 meters long. Unlike the Jizurisusaku, which is controlled from outside, this is piloted by having someone absorbed into itself. Generally speaking, most other Gods of War use a similar system for flight.

Michiyuki Byakko (click for larger image)
Era Fusae’s Heavy-type God of War

A 4 Sages-level, Divine Weapon, Heavy-type God of War. It possesses hidden abilities that other Gods of War do not. Belongs to Tres España.

San Lorenzo (click for larger image)
Tres España Airship

The Tres España command ship used during the attack on the Musashi. Under the command of Era Fusae. On the deck are a total of 16 lanes that were used by the Track and Field Club for launch.


[1] - as a teacher referring to one’s self as “sensei” is considered rude, as it’s a term of respect and humility. “kyoushi” is the preferred term, although it’s alright to refer to others as either, though the former is more polite.